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Owner: Peter Blue GS9+ (ID:648845906)

we were visiting Kent and came across this gem. It's near Canterbury.

GPS 51.3160851 , 0.8914044Map
Dist 5,706.4Km

Sighting 35 by Peter Blue GS9+

This is a view from the Refinery down West street

Time 2020 Sep 11

GPS 51.3158,0.8903
Dist 5,706.4Km - Map

Sighting 34 by Peter Blue GS9+

Further along the creek is Standard Quay where you will find a charming restaurant.

Time 2020 Sep 8

GPS 51.3205,0.8971
Dist 5,706.9Km - Map

Sighting 33 by Peter Blue GS9+

More views of the creek

Time 2020 Sep 2

GPS 51.3199,0.8941
Dist 5,706.9Km - Map

Sighting 32 by Peter Blue GS9+

Along the creek

Time 2020 Aug 31

GPS 51.3188,0.8923
Dist 5,706.7Km - Map

Sighting 31 by Peter Blue GS9+

There is a lovely restaurant there

Time 2020 Aug 31

GPS 51.3187,0.892
Dist 5,706.7Km - Map