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WANTED - Open Source Investigations

Imagine you need to find someone. They might have stolen something from your shop or you saw them stealing from next door. So you take a photo of that person and this website allows you to distribute that photo (with optional with reward) to any members in a certain radius either on their mobile phones or desktops. The person who finds them gets the reward.

Scenarios :-

  1. You see someone running away with some things they stole from your garage. You take a photo of them and post it (along with some details and reward) to the website. It is then sent to all members in the area by text or email. After a while, one person sees the photo and realises they just saw them, so they use the website to indicate a sighting and post a photo along with a location. They get the reward.

  2. A youth steals from your shop and runs out. You upload a photo of them from the CCTV and post it to the website. It is then sent to all members in the area by text or email. A police officer (who just happens to be a member) sees the youth and arrests him.

  3. A dog goes missing. The owner posts a photo of the dog on the website with a reward. Many of the network post photos of similar looking dogs to the website. The owner sees her dog and sends the reward to the person who found the dog. The dog entry gets removed.

  4. You are on the train (or bus) and see a gorgeous person and you wonder if they are single, You take a sneaky photo and upload it to the website with the caption "Is this person available ?" it is sent to all members in a 3K radius and evenually you get your answer.

Possible uses of this system :-

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