Lost Dog - Home - stories

Suzi loved her dog and they would often go for walks around the countryside. The dog loved the walks too as often Suzi would take him off his lead.

On this particular walk, Suzi took her dog of his lead and let him run around. He made a mad dash for some bushes, presumably to chase a rabbit. After a few minutes Suzi wanted to continue so she called her dog's name. A few minutes later Suzi became worried as her dog would always come when called.

She frantically looked around the bushed where he was last seen. She searched in ever larger circles almost in tears. In desperation she pulled out her phone, selected a photo of her dog and uploaded it to Wanted in the hope that someone could help.

She walked back home with a heavy heart. When she got back home she went to her laptop to poor her heart out to her friends on Facebook. She quickly went on to Wanted just in case anyone had added a sighting onto her incident.

To her relief a couple had picked up her dog after their car had hit the dog when it rushed across the road. They had taken it to the vet and realised it wasn't seriously injured. They had seen Suzi's pleas for help and responded.

Suzi and her slightly injured dog were re-united.
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