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It was a normal day at the shop for Jake. Many people came in looking for the latest mobile phone, a fancy case or just a charger. About mid day a man came in and spent some time just looking around.

"Can I help" enquired Jake.

"Err, no ... I'm just looking." responded the man.

Jake noticed that the man would often look up at the CCTVs strategically placed around the shop. Unknown to the man those were fake, the real cameras were well hidden and could see everything.

The man moved to a shelf of memory cards, thinking he was out of view of the fake CCTVs he started stuffing his pockets with some of the high-capacity cards. Jake saw everything via the hidden cameras. Before Jake could confront the man he dashed out and ran down the road.

Jake was angry but knew what to do. He re-played the video of the man stealing memory cards and uploaded a still-frame photo to Wanted added a title, a quick description of the incident and clicked 'Create Incident'.

The image took a few seconds to upload to the Wanted servers and it was then sent to all members within a 1Km radius either by SMS (Text) or email. A few minutes later the man's photo appeared on local websites.

As Jake continued to help customers he would periodically check his incident page to see if there had been any developments. A few people had taken quick shots with their mobile phones of people that resembled the thief but none matched.

After an hour one person added a sighting to Jake's incident thread. This person knew the thief in question and passed on his full name and details. When the police arrived, Jake showed them the still-frame photo and the video of the whole incident. The police arrested the thief a few hours later.
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